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Welcome to Changing the Conversation! We discuss critical and timely topics focused on equity, homelessness, substance use, mental health, and trauma. Our hosts interview health and human service experts, researchers, and advocates. Conversations explore how we can adapt our systems to the rapidly changing landscape of social services.

Mar 27, 2017

Dr. Ellen Bassuk and Senior Associate Justine Hanson join Jeff Olivet to review the findings of their systematic review regarding the relationship between peer support and reoccurring substance use. They looked at not only the quantity of existing research but the quality of methodologies used within the research. Subscribe to the t3 podcast today!

Suprina L Ford
over six years ago

I one want to say thank you for this podcast. I am a Certified Peer and I do the Forensic piece and Recovery Coach that is an African American.
I just want to know when will there ever be a training that taylor around the African/ African Americans from the perspective of a African American in the life of a Peer. As I grow into the knowledge and experience I'm noticing that many lack the skills in dealing with this population. I've also discovered while working in the non-profit sector that there is so much of a gap in this area. Please let me know what you have to offer and I hope this makes sense.